Sunday, July 8, 2007

Writing to you from the desk of the Scaff family here in Pennsylvania. They are the Uncle and Aunt of a friend of mine from when my family lived in New Hampshire. It ended up working out perfectly for us to walk down two roads from the trail to their house and have a wonderful lunch with them. We are very grateful for all the hospitality shown to us from people that don't even know us. Today is also Spencer's birthday so it comes on a great day as well.

Yesterday we hiked across the official halfway point of the trail at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, home of half gallon challenge. It is thru-hiking tradition to stop here and eat a half gallon of Hershey's ice cream. We both opted for Neapolitan ice cream so we'd have a variety of flavors and started eating around 12:20. By 1:20 i was just over halfway done but decided to call it quits. Spencer kept on trucking and finished his ice cream in its entirety shortly thereafter. Check out our new photo album for pictures of the whole event.

So far PA has been a great state in terms of trail conditions and even better people here. Everyone has been quite friendly and willing to lend a hand. We're headed to Duncannon tonight and on through the state to the NJ-NY border Friday night. Stay tuned for more from us down the trail.

Bandanna Ben + Warzpilla


Beryl said...

Thanks, guys, for another great update! I, along with MANY others, think of you all the time, trying to imagine what this experience must be like.

I think I need some Hershey's ice cream so that I can fully experience today's adventure!


Anonymous said...

We were so happy to meet two such great guys today. Your parents must be/should be very proud of you. Polite, well-mannered, happy, serious, determined, resilient...what more could parents ask for! Had I read your blog prior to your visit, I surely would have had steak (and a birthday cake) for your meal.
Telling us about your trip, answering all our questions, you exhibited traits all parents hope their offspring attain. You emphasized the fact that the hike is in memory of your friend, Steve, who must have been just as fantastic as you are. Thanks for stopping by, guys! You're welcome anytime!
Dan and Dianne Scaff

Firefly said...

Hi guys
Breezy and I(firefly) met you on the trail prior to and in Damaskus before you flew by us...Remember I will be in NH on Lake Sunapee on July 18-26th, only 20 min from Hannover. If you are still interested and the timing is right I will come get you guys and you are welcome to stay with us.After many days on the trail I know some nice, cool relaxing by the lake is just what you need. Call me, cell 352-359-2901 and I will keep up with you schedule here. Enjoying your blog. Keep it up.
Happy trails.....Firefly (Lotta)

Thomas said...

I was just in Carlisle, Pennsylvania last week and I saw where the AT passed through the town. Too bad we couldn't have coordinated that better. I've really enjoyed staying updated on y'all's progress, keep it up!
Tom the Bomb