Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Birthday, Spencer David McKay, born July 8, 1987. What a proud Momma I was and continue to be! How fabulous for you to be spending your 20th birthday on the Appalachian Trail. You have dreamed of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail since the 8th grade. I, along with family and friends are thrilled that you are living your dream and doing so in honor of your longtime friend-in-Scouting, Steve. Many people continue to follow your daily progress (along with Ben's and Garrett's) and look forward to your completion of the AT.

I was unable to post at the end of June when Randy and I met Ben, Garrett, and
Spencer where they hopped off the AT at Rockfish Gap and we spent the night in Waynesboro, VA. That was well over one week ago and many miles have been trod since
then; however, allow me to re-track back to the dates of June 28-29 to simply say
it was fantastic seeing the guys! We enjoyed an evening of eating, relaxing at the
Quality Inn, eating again, shopping at the Super Wal-Mart, eating again, visiting
the local laundromat, and oh! did I mention that we ate! Each group of family / friends that meets the hungry hikers joke about how many times they go have supper!
It's incredible to see just how many calories can be consumed in one sitting.
And all of you who know me know that I was continuously suggesting vegetable servings, fruit servings, and milk (instead of sodas) to drink. The only thing I would
have changed about our visit in Waynesboro was to have had more time to visit with the boys. It was not nearly long enough. However, we all knew that an early start back on the Trail (June 29) was necessary to stay on track!

After the guys' grand departure from Rockfish Gap, Randy and I drove south to
Catawba, VA and did a little hiking on our own. We hiked the Dragon's Tooth
Trail all the way to the top. I'm unable to publicize the record time in which
we hiked it. (Ha!) Spencer told us he was proud of our accomplishment and said it
was great preparation for our trek to Mt. Katahdin in August. (Randy and I are
looking forward to hiking the final 5 miles with the guys in August!!)

We all continue to look forward to reading the posts from the boys and their
photos and wish for them a safe journey!

-Zoe (Spencer's Mom)


Anonymous said...

I loved your entry. I am glad you figured out how to post it. I am proud of Spencer and Ben also. Today is Ben's 21st birthday and I am certain he is exactly where he would most want to be to celebrate. We are having a Birtday feast in his honor tonight. Jake, Mr. Bill (Ben's mentor- 84 maybe)
The menu includes his favorites; Meatloaf, Mashed potatoes, String Beans, Crescent Rolls, Fruit Salad, and Carrot Cake. We will have another feast when he comes home.
Happy 21st Birthday Bandanna Ben!
You make your Mama so proud.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Finally got a chance to check out your blogg. No need to tell your parents what outstanding gents these guys are...they already know. Rodent and I had the priv to share Chestnut Knob Shelter with these men in Virginia. Also ran into them again doing rehab on my heel in MD.
Always great to run into Eagle Scouts. Doing the flop-part 0f my Flip and taking the train to New Hampshire.....hope to see them again.
Jedi....SoBo...always Southbound.