Monday, July 23, 2007

Dalton, MA

Bandanna and I arrived in Dalton, Mass around ten after two today after a twenty one mile dash from Upper Goose Pond Cabin last night. We are glad to be in town to get yet another fabulously packed and mailed resupply box on this dreary New England day. We have checked in to our room and done our laundry, so now it's time to kick back and relax for a bit. Foot long subs were for lunch and a dinner decision will be made shortly. Since Kent, CT (our last post) we have had wonderful weather (despite today; drizzly and cool)and received some fabulous views as the terrain is kicking back up. The forecast is looking promising as we enter Vermont and onward the next few days! Thanks you for all the comments on the last few posts and to everyone thinking of us. Unfortunately, the town of Dalton's library does not allow you to upload pictures from their personal computer devices...I guess they don't understand the content of these priceless photographs. We will attempt to get them up as soon as we can!

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Spencer's Dad said...

Spencer and Ben,
You two continue to amaze me everyday. I am particularly impressed with your up-beat atitude every time we speak. There is no doubts you'll make it now. Stay focused and enjoy the next few weeks.
Spencer's Dad