Friday, July 27, 2007

Vittles in N. Clarendon, VT Good Enough to Call Home About

It wasn't just about calling home to say all is well...that he and Ben had had another successful day of hiking 25+ miles, hitched a ride from the Trail into North Clarendon (VT) and successfully received their food box for re-supply at the Clarendon General Store. Instead it was all about the Gobbler Sandwich, Turkey Dinner Special, and Ham Sandwich Platter!!!!! What a tasty dinner the boys devoured at the Whistle Stop - formerly a train station now transformed into a little diner with obviously some of the best food Spencer and Ben have eaten on the AT and perhaps ever! (For those interested, the Gobbler is a sandwich with thin slices of roasted turkey, Havarti cheese, cranberry relish, and moist, homemade herb dressing piled high between two thick slices of toasted sourdough bread served with homemade fries. And for the record, Warpzilla scarfed up not only one, but two Gobblers!!! Bandana Ben's dinner choices included a homemade turkey dinner with vegetables and a ham sandwich platter for dessert!) It was quite amusing for this Mom to learn the details of their dining experience and re-fueling. The two planned to waddle back to the Trail (almost 1 mile) and pitch a tent for the night. Without a doubt, they'll sleep well tonight with a full belly and a gentle rain falling bringing cooler temperatures dreaming about the last 505 miles left to go on the AT. Hooray!!!

Good night to the hikers! Call again soon and we'll talk some more about the scrumpdillyumptious dinner you enjoyed at the Whistle Stop!! :-) Love, Mom

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