Monday, July 30, 2007

From Hanover, NH

Warpzilla and I got up early today (5:30) to make it to Hanover by lunchtime. We crossed the Connecticut River at 11:30 and are now inside one of Dartmouth's buildings using a computer. This building is the office of the Dartmouth Outing Club (similar to UF's TRIP program and UNC-Charlotte's Venture) so we figured we'd be able to put some photos online. But, it again says we only have permission to upload photos in groups of 5 so we'll have to wait. We are about to leave here and stop for lunch in town, at the Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream, and then hit the trail again and do another 11-16 miles today.

We are scheduled to hit Glencliff, NH tomorrow night and then begin the White Mountains the next day. Our plan for the rest of the trail has us doing the Whites in 5 days, re-supplying in Gorham, Rangeley, and Monson and then arriving at the base of Katahdin on the 16th of August and summiting on the 17th. It is so crazy to see the end like this but we know we have some of our toughest miles ahead of us. Thanks for checking in on us. We're off for food now!

Bandanna Ben + Warpzilla

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Firefly said...

Hi Guys
Sorry I missed your phonecall yesterday had just steped in to a subway for lunch. We just drove two days back to Florida from NH arriving to miserable hot weather. Too bad the timing did not work out but it seems like you are on a very tight schedule. Be careful in the Whites...I just did 3 days up there increadible rocky and difficult to get good miles in. When you get back to Gainesville and settled in with school we would love to have you over for dinner some night and hear all about your trip. You have my cell#, home is 352-332-3353. Breezy says hi.Happy hiking, Firefly (Lotta)