Thursday, July 26, 2007

Goodbye Massachusetts Hello Vermont

Spencer called his Momma on Thursday, July 26 around 6:00 P.M. I was especially pleased to hear from him because it had been several days since any immediate family had received a call. But not to worry...he and Bandana Ben are doing well. They are approaching areas where cell phone signals and connections are not the best. As a matter of fact, we were disconnected 5 or more times during our brief conversation. While we were connected and talking, there was a lot of static. I think I understood him to say they were close to the intersection of Highway 11 and State Road 30. Whatever the roads are, they are currently in Vermont. The weather has been gorgeous, they are feeling good, and they are just hiking away with plans to be in Clarendon, VT by Friday evening, July 27.

At the time of Spencer's call, they were still on the Trail with plans to hike another 5 miles before nightfall. Spencer reported that he and Ben had studied their map and itinerary over the past 2 days and with the progress being made, they are scheduling themselves to complete the hiking of the AT (at Katahdin) by sundown on Saturday, August 18. (That'll give Spencer plenty of time to get back home to Raleigh from Maine, travel to UNC Charlotte, NC and be in his seat right on time for his 8:00 A.M. class on Monday, August 20 for the beginning of the fall 2007 semester. Yep! Plenty of time! Don't you think? Ben's fall semester at the University of Florida begins on August 23. Whew! It all sounds whirlwind-like to me, but we know it will all work out.)

For now, however, we'll stay focused on today - wishing the boys a safe journey as they continue along the AT. Keep up the great pace, fellows! We're sending lots of love and support your way for a successful completion as you hike in memory of your good buddy, Steve. Love, Mom

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