Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mountain Khaki Sponsorship

It just so happens that a couple friends of mine are employed/have an in at Mountain Khaki the famous outdoor pants/shorts brand.  Currently in the works is a gear sponsorship.  Hey, I'll take all that I can get!  Just wanted to share the good news, here's a link to the Mountain Khaki website. 

earnin and burnin, breakin necks and cashin checks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello all dedicated blog followers!  It is one month to the day that I will take my first steps on the Pacific Crest Trail!  The day is coming very quickly and I am currently in the process of many things; finishing up my 20 credit semester (finals should be fun), graduation plans, finding someone to sublease my apartment, moving out, etc, etc.  Hopefully it will all fall in to place.  Either way, I'm flying to San Diego on May 12th, and getting picked up by a trail angel and getting a ride to the trailhead southeast of San Diego on May 13th.  As I am making final gear adjustments, printing out maps, reading up on the PCT, I would like to compile a contact list of anyone you may know that might be willing to help or meet up with me while I'm on my hike.  I would at least like to have a couple of emergency contacts in case I get in a tight spot, cause its a long drive from Raleigh, NC...even though we all know Momma would do it!  Please comment on the post if you are aware of anyone who might be willing to supply some good ol fashion trail magic. 

Fly low and beat the radar,
Spencer aka Warpzilla