Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There was yet another birthday celebrated on the Appalachian Trail this week! Happy Birthday to Bandana Ben who turned 21 on July 10, 2007!!! Wow! What a milestone and what a great place to be on such a special day. Ben is exactly where he would most want to be to celebrate and that is on The Trail. We all hope you had a terrific day, Ben!

Spencer called me early afternoon on Tuesday, July 10 just as he and Ben were hopping off the AT to go have lunch with some friends of Ben's family. (Ben and Spencer are currently in Pennsylvania between Duncannon and Port Clinton.) After showering at the friend's house (Gail Backfish), Ben and Spencer were treated to a birthday buffet lunch at a restaurant in town. Spencer and Ben were then given a guided tour of the town and area and were running some errands with plans to do some laundry. He and Ben re-thought their plans for the day and since they had already hiked 17 miles and since the current temperature remained at 94 degrees Fahrenheit, they accepted the Backfish's offer to stay the night and get a fresh start on Wednesday, July 11.(Thank you, Gail and your family, for all the hospitality you showed Ben and Spencer. What a treat for them!)

He and Ben thoroughly enjoyed their unexpected air conditioned environment and opportunity to relax in the comfort of a home environment. Though access to the Internet was not an option, the next best thing happened: I read them the recent blogs and comments. Spencer and Ben said to keep those comments coming. They love to know that folks are keeping up with them and appreciate all the support. Spencer signed off saying that they only had 994 miles left to go until they reached Mt. Katahdin; that sounds much different from the initial 2,175 miles when they departed from Mt. Springer). Spencer said they expected to cross into New Jersey sometime this Friday, July 13. Until then... happy trails!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tremendous coverage of their latest "Trail Angel." I teach school with Gail Backfish. When I told her about Ben's plans to walk the AT back in the Spring she said that her Mother lived very close to the trail in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. She said that she was sure her Mom would love to have the boys stop by. It was indeed a fantastic visit. At age 79, Vera Coleman opened her arms and welcomed them into her home and her heart. You see, she took the night off from taking care of her 95 year old Mother who lives 30 miles away to be with Ben and Spencer. I am so thrilled that they were off the trail for both of their Birthdays.
Thank God for the "Trail Angels."
I am so happy that you can write Blog entries Zoe. My brother tried and couldn't get in? I think we have to be invited. . .Malinda