Friday, July 20, 2007

We're 2/3 there

Hello all.

We are still in Kent, CT. We got to bed at a decent hour and slept until 8 this morning. It felt great to sleep in for a change. We packed up our stuff, went to the supermarket, stopped by the ATM, and we to Caralee's Restaurant for some real breakfast. After breakfast we stopped by the public library which is where we are now.

The plan is to get 103 miles up the trail to Dalton, MA on Monday. We are doing great and are in awe that Kent marks the 2/3 point of the trail. 1451 miles down, 722 to go. Wow. Spence and I are looking forward to the coming weeks as we encounter the northeast but are expecting a very challenging section up there too, especially the White Mountains.

Last night I looked at the numbers and saw that we covered 442 miles in 15 days since Harper's Ferry, WV. This equates to an average of 29.5 miles a day. Our goal was 30 a day and it is pretty cool to see that we are pretty much there.

Well, it may be a late start for us but we will still do about 21 miles today before camp. Thanks again Ron and Christine for coming to see us and for making our stop in Kent more enjoyable.

Bandanna Ben and Warpzilla


George Bower said...


We are looking forward to seeing you guys when you make it into NH. You are quite right about more demanding terrain in the Whites - great views though if you are not up in the clouds. As you get closer we will make arrangements to meet you on the trail.

George Bower

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 2/3rds of the way. We did a trip to Boone yesterday for a court hearing concerning the upcoming murder trial. I thought of you guys hiking and what a wonderful tribute this is to Steve. It definately helps us get through each day knowing Steve had such great friends. Thanks guys!

Tim Harrington

Anonymous said...


Y'all sure are moving fast! Foss has been back telling me how great it was for him to hike the trail for a month, so I know you guys have gotta be lovin' it. Hope everything is going well, and I'll see you in August!

-Joe Caldwell