Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Harper's Ferry, WV

I just got in to Harper's Ferry. If you haven't been to this historic town it is full of Civil War era buildings and a lot of history so check that out sometime. In other news I was visited by a dear friend of mine from Cornell last night. We day hiked up Stony Man Mountain in the Shenandoah park, watched a beautiful sunset, and brought some cold ones and drank with some other thru-hikers while watching the sun drop. It was nice to perform a little trail magic of our own and the sunset was incredible. Today we drove up to Harper's Ferry to meet up with Spencer and Ben who should be here this afternoon. More to come later on today and tomorrow as we take a zero day with the Harrington's for Independence Day. God bless America and all of you who are following our trip with your thoughts, prayers, and support.



Eric Edgerton said...

Way to go guys. Happy 4th of July. I'm really enjoying watching your trip, thanks for posting all the pictures. I've got fond memories of Harper's Ferry, my wife Denise and I stayed at a B&B there on our wedding night 19 years ago.

Enjoy your zero day!

ben said...

Warpzilla and Bandana-Ben,
Good to meet you guys in the hilly rollercoarster.

Thanks for the encouragement on our A.T. journal.

Keep it up.
Stitch and Figgy