Monday, July 16, 2007


No, no we did not forget that we had a blog. Besides stopping at hotels with wireless internet, we are rarely running to an internet connection. Even if there is wireless, we don't have a laptop or means to connect to blog. We made it through Pennsylvania with minor aches and pains over the infamous rocks of the state. Now that we are through the state and we know that we are not jynxing ourselves by saying it, "the rocks were not that bad". However, they did not instantly stop at the state line. In fact, the rest of the Northeast will be nearly as rocky as some of the rockiest parts of PA. New pictures are up as well, I hope everyone enjoys them. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with the blog and even commenting, we love hearing from you!

Warpzilla out


Spencer's Mom said...

Just a quick note to my favorite Warpzilla-thanks for the update. It was great to learn that you and Ben had the oppportunity to post a blog- not that I was getting worried or anything... The photos you posted are fantastic! I especially enjoy seeing photos of the "Trail Angels" who have been so kind and generous just when you guys needed a little pick-me-up. All of the parents and close friends of you very special thru-kikers, send a BIG heart-felt thank you to all of the Trail Angels including the Scaff Family, Vera Coleman, and Mayor Ludwick for your thoughtfulness and assistance! We appreciate your support. Spencer, I know you'll call home when you can. Randy wants to give you a Tour de France update. Slinky says "Woof! Woof!"
Be safe, think smart, and good luck
climbing those rocks. XOXO Mom

Grannie Marie said...

Pictures are great - almost like I have been there. You look great too - chiggers and all. Glad you had a good birthday.

Grannie Marie

Jeff said...

Hello Bandana Ben and Warpzilla. Just back from Philmont and very glad to see the great progress you guys are making. After spending 12 days and 80 miles on the trail it makes us appeciate all the more the challenge and effort you guys are making - one month from now you will be done and have a life changing experience and many memories to share with all.

Enjoy the north country !!


Mr B
Troop 215