Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bandanna Ben and Warpzilla Hit the Jackpot

As Ben and I looked at our guide books at the trail crossing of highway U.S. 4, we saw a place called mountain meadows lodge just 4.2 miles up the trail. This morning we climbed of Mt. Killington and we decided we earned a nice place to stay. So we gave the lodge a call for the heck of it and they said that they were having a wedding all weekend, but might be able to squeeze us in. They called back shortly after we hung up with them telling us to come on! They cut us a really good rate and we showered up, threw some laundry in and came down to giant plates of leftovers from the wedding reception. This family-run lodge dates back to the 1950's and takes pride in specially taking care of hikers. We are still going to arrive in Glenclif, NH on Tuesday. This rest is well earned and needed as we prepare to enter the White Mountains of New Hampshire on Wednesday. Bandanna and I are going to try and upload some pics that ought to keep ya'll busy enough. Thanks for the support and we'll be in touch.

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