Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vive Jose

No, not that jose, I have just endulged myself with supposedly the best burger on the trail. As you see in the pic, a half pound pattie, bacon, Swiss, avacado, mushrooms, and a heaping pile of fries. The man who invented the hamburger was smart, the cheeseburger smarter, the jose burger...pure genius. That's all for now, will be in Idyllwild,CA tomorrow night.

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Spencer's Mom said...

Spencer, we all respect the fact that not every meal on the PCT can be a "Clif Bar"...we're glad to know the burger/fries were so very tasty and to be sure you scarfed up every bite! Sounds like that little cafe was a terrific place to come off the desert trail during the heat of the day to cool down and re-fuel. You're keeping up a great pace. Be safe!

pressrick said...

Nice picture of your Jose! But, this doesn't look like the #1 I saw you eating? That one had regular fries, and a bunch of them if I might add! Looks like you tried the Sweet-Potato version also. Nice to have met you Spence. Keep up the good work. Rick

Spencer McKay said...

Nice observation Rich. For the the record that was noty burger that is in the picture, but I was so hungry when I got to the paradisecafe I forgot to take a picture of mine! Thanks again for the burger Rich.