Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wel,l yesterday was not my day. The jose burger was the last thing I was able to eat, I woke up with some kind of stomach bug night before last and it ran through me yesterday. It all started going south when I cut my shin on some brush in the trail. That wasn't too big a deal, it was bound to happen with all the scrub oak. Then I had to hike 2 extra miles to get water (which was not a problem) and encountered my first close call with a rattler. Then as I was sitting down to fill up my water bladder I gashed my head open on a broken limb that I couldn't see in the shade. As this all piled up I continued to climb,(a total of 3,000ft) and as I was eating a granola bar trying to get energy for the next climb I took my last bite and it came right back up. I wasn't too worried until it happened again laterim the dayanf I started losing a lot of water. Completely drained from the long day I pitched my tent at 8000ft and instantly fell asleep at 7:30. I woke uptuis morning with one thing on my mind and that was getting to town, getting some food, trying to keep it down, and getting rehydrated. So far so good, and as you can imagine all the parents have been on very high concern as I called them last night. I went to the fire station in town and their paramedics checked me out. Rehydration and refueling and rest is the name of the game now. And... Despite all this, somehow I'm still having a good time. Hopefully these speed bumps will stop soon and it will be smooth sailing.

Stay thirsty my friends,

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Jim said...

You did indeed give us a scare there Spence. Glad you are safe and feeling better.

pressrick said...

Spence, can I encourage you to get rid of the ball cap and get a full-rimmed hat? Reading about how you are feeling ill reminded me of how brutal the sun is in the desert, this time of year. Cover up, dude! Rick

Moonshine said...

Cover up and drink up? I wish Bandana Ben was with you so you could watch out for one another. Hope the trail angels continue to fly close to the ground to assist you as you make your way through the trecherous desert. I am praying for you. Moonshine