Thursday, May 7, 2009

Got a one way ticket

Things are finally falling in to place for the start of my PCT thru-hike.  My final exam is in 4 hours, Bandana Ben is on his way to Charlotte, Graduation is Friday, and my flight leaves RDU at 630AM on Tuesday.  I've got a base weight right now of 15 pounds (without food or water) which puts me around 30 with full food and water.  I am compiling a gear list for all you followers out there.  Ben's Dad, Mr. Burchardi is picking me up from the airport in San Diego, CA just before lunch time on Tuesday the 12th and will help me get where I need to go from there.  I am now officially being sponsored by Mountain Khaki's for the thru-hike.  They will be running a blog/twitter on me called "Where is Spencer Now?".  They provided me with a good bit of apparel for the trip in return for emailing them pictures and descriptions of my latest experiences.  Stay tuned for a gear list and updates from the West Coast.  

Warpzilla Out

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