Sunday, May 24, 2009

Off to Big Bear City, CA

After a rough stretch of not feeling well on the trail the past day and a half, I feel that is all behind me and I am eager to head back to the trail. I am getting a ride from Trail Angel David Ledbetter, who also treated me to an all you can eat pancake breakfast here in town this morning, much thanks! I have reloaded on food and have been stuffing my face to regain calories surely lost to hiking 20 mile days with little to no food in me. Hopefully I will have a better time on the trail now, I have picked up some NUUN electrolyte tablets as well which were our saving grace on the AT. I am planning on a 4 day stretch to get to big bear, where hopefully I will be staying with Tom and Kobie again (they left to go back to the trail this morning). Stay posted and thanks for everyone who was so worried about my general well being, I' m learning fast how to take care of myself out here! Hope to hear from you all soon, I enjoy the comments!



Jim said...

Received a call from your trail angel to let me know he had dropped you off. I am so thankful there are folks like David Ledbetter to help out during your rough spots. Good luck and we all will look forward to hearing about your next phase of adventures! Hopefully awesome ones of you feeling really healthy.

peggy said...

Tim, Peggy and
Quinn also checking up on you daily now, concerned for your well being and very impressed with your perseverance and really how far you have already hiked!
Be safe and stay healthy. You are doing remarkably well Spencer.

pressrick said...

If someone can contact Spence and tell him if he needs a ride to Big Bear I can probably help him. He needs to call me at 760 468-1961. Rick

Jim said...

I have sent him a text.