Saturday, May 16, 2009

Julian, CA

Taking a Nero (near zero day-not really hiking) in Julian, CA after getting in around 7pm last night after a scorching day of 30 miles and 100+ degree heat. I definitely pushed it too far the past three days, 77.6 miles. I've been hiking with some real cool guys, two of them I started with in Campo, CA (Kobie and Tom), I left them yesterday morning to get to Julian in time to get to my Bounce Box at the P.O. I caught up with Jeff who just graduated from Texas Tech with a masters in Biology (I met him on the first day but we've been passing each other back and forth ever since). We split a hotel room last night after I was severly dehydrated yesterday due to an underestimation of how far away the highway was and the energy draining powers of that hot desert sun. We we're treated to dinner by a lovely couple last night when we got in to town at the local Mexican restaurant, its always nice to receive a little trail magic. I'm uploading pics now and trying to upload a video too, we'll see what the San Diego County Library computer system allows me to do. The biggest thing that the pictures do not really capture is the scale of everything out here, it is much larger than that of the Appalachian Mountains. The link to the pics should be top right of the blog. My next stop in town will by Idyllwild, CA and I bounced my box up to Big Bear City, CA.

not sure if the sound works.

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