Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everybody loves Ramona

Well, after two days in Julian, CA (apple pie Capitol of the world) I have moved further from the trail the past two days in order to see an eye dr. Due to complications with my contacts. I saw an eye dr in Ramona yesterday and he gave me a new pair of contacts, but wants to see me today ( in an hour) because he wants to make sure everything is ok. I feel fine and am hoping for his clearance, then I have a ride scheduled back to the trail this evening. I will be putting back in at warner springs and catching up with the two guys I started with, kobie and tom (roadwarriorsnews.com) and finally hiking again tomorrow. It has been a long and frustrating layoff, but I'm glad everything is working out and the full length of the trip has not been jeopardized.

Fly low and beat the radar,

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Noel said...

Hey Nephew Cool! Glad to hear your trip is back on track and all is well. Stay safe and keep the pictures coming.


Spencer's Mom said...

Way to go, Spencer!! I am so-o-o proud of my boy for listening to his body as well as the doctor. One thing for sure, you don't want to be out in the middle of the desert in 105+ degree temperature and not be able to see! How horrible it would be to miss a trail marker. This short "break" from the trail was indeed timely as Spencer had the opportunity to finalize his thesis proposal for his upcoming graduate studies. Thanks to his i-phone, he learned of the revised due date (while in Ramona waiting for the doctor's clearance to jump back on the PCT), completed the remaining research, and e-mailed his proposal to his advisor while he had internet access. Yea! What a blessing that everything is working out and how thankful we all are! I'll keep everyone posted on Spencer's whereabouts in the event he cannot. Signed, Zoezilla

Beryl said...

Excellent news, Spencer! And NOTHING was jeopardized by the delay, but a lot would've been jeopardized without it. So you did the right thing -- and all will be well.

Auntie B