Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where Are Those Hiking Boys???

Well, to the best of our knowledge, Ben and Spencer are approaching Monson, Maine. If not Saturday (August 18), then hopefully Sunday (August 19) is when they will arrive in Monson to shower and re-supply with the VERY LAST food box that the families sent. The boys will also have the opportunity to eat a fabulous lunch or dinner in Monson, for they have a BIG surprise awaiting them in Monson. (More later...)

Thank you to everyone who has called and e-mailed inquiring of the boys' health and whereabouts. Your concern means ever so much. As soon as Spencer calls home, I will tell them of all the fine folks who have checked on them and posted comments to the blog. They will appreciate all the support and encouragement.

Meanwhile, stay tuned...
Zoe (Spencer's Mom)

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Anonymous said...

these two amaze me! i'm so glad they are back on the trail and speedy again! i can't wait to hear about their surprise! GOOD LUCK BOYS! and CONGRATULATIONS!