Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the Road Again

After 4 zero days here in Rangeley, Spence and I are going stir-crazy to get back on the trail. Our battle with this stomach parasite has been up and down and the results have not come in yet of what exactly it is.

But we are getting a new prescription today at 2:00 (5 minutes from now) at the pharmacy on our way out of town to the trail. Our new Katahdin summit date is August 23rd (my 1st day of school and spencer's 4th) and we are going to give it our all between here and there to make it on time. Thank you for your support and we'll update further up the trail!

Bandanna Ben


Spencer's Mom said...

I am so very proud of Ben and Spencer...they have had a very challenging past four days off the trail both physically and mentally.
However, through it all they never once would even entertain the thought of letting their respective "Momma" fly up there to get them and bring them home...not even for a bowl of homemade chicken soup and sleeping in their own bed...and to finish the hike later!!! No Sireee! They are quite determined and so very positive; it's absolutely amazing. They are definitely on a mission and will not quit until they have reached their destination. We all hope that they will continue to feel better and I, especially,look forward to Spencer's next phone call so I can learn how they are doing and feeling.

Zoe (Spencer's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Go for it fellas. There are a lot of people here in Raleigh rooting for you.

Bill D said...

Glad to hear that you boys are back on the trail again. Sorry for your recent hardship.

I look forward to hearing and seeing photos when you make it to the summit. I am very impressed with your constant drive and enthusiasm.