Sunday, August 5, 2007

Under 300 Miles to go!

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are in the bag! Beautiful weather over the past five days made our 100 mile stretch through the White Mountains of New Hampshire easier than most people have it. South Bound thru-hikers complained of wet and slick thus dangerous hiking in the Whites, but we were blessed with sunny skies and a wind at our backs (for the most part). We came across some Trail Magic planted by the Paige Family (from Troop 215) which got us up a +3,000 ft. climb at the end of a long day on Friday. Mt. Washington and the Presidential Range was a huge milestone of the trip, which we passed over yesterday. Though it is nice to see others while hiking, the massive amount of day-hikers in the Whites made for speed bumps more than anything. Southern Maine, which we will enter tomorrow afternoon, will continue to challenge us as much as the White's. However, with only eleven days left on this amazing journey, we will push on and get to Katahdin. We have also uploaded pictures from the past few days. Some of the most incredible views of the trip were witnessed on this stretch. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Thank you to everyone keeping us in your thoughts and for keeping up with us these last few days.

-Warpzilla Out

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sue dew said...

Hi there! You guys are amazing! So hard to believe the end's in sight! You're in all of our thoughts...often!! Have a great end of the journey!! ; )