Sunday, August 12, 2007

News & Observer Article

Good Morning. I welcome all of you that are visiting the blog upon reading this morning's News & Observer article about our trip. For those of you that are unable to read the article in the print edition you can find the article by following the hyperlinked items in this post.

If you are visiting the blog for the first time please check out our pictures and other helpful information that can be found by following the links on the right of the webpage. In addition, one can also find an archive of our earlier progress on the trail and read more about the trip from earlier this summer by clicking on the months in the archive on the lower right of the page. Thanks again to the News & Observer for writing about our trip to honor our dear friend Steve, and thank you to all of you that are visiting the page today.



Beryl said...

For Garrett:You're right that the N&O article did a great job of telling the world about the way that you, Spencer, and Ben have honored Stephen. The article will inspire many, many others.

The only regrettable part about the article, in my opinion, was that the word "quit" was used in even the mildest context in its reference to you. It must be hard, really hard, for you to be missing out on parts of this journey that you too had dreamed of and trained for.

And it's small comfort now, but know that you are experiencing a part of the journey that Spencer and Ben are not -- because it takes a tremendous amount of strength to be able to reassess a situation that's not working, and to reinvent it into one that is. And that's what you did.

I and many others thank you for all you have done with the blog and recognize your accomplishments, too!

Beryl Pittman
(Spencer's aunt; Bryan's former English instructor)

Richard said...


After reading today's story in the N&O, and then checking out your blog and photos, I feel compelled to thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us. Your celebration of Steve's life and the bond you all shared is a tremendously moving and inspiring gift to his family and friends in honoring his memory.

Good luck in the completion of your amazing journey.

MASeals said...


The N&O article was discussed in today's staff meeting at FBC Raleigh. We are proud of what you and your friends are accomplishing. I wish you well as you journey these last rugged miles to Katahdin.

My nephew is a SOBOer this summer; his trail name is Stayin'. He has hiked with another SOBOer named Farsang. Perhaps you passed them on the trail recently. Stayin' picked up a bug near the Connecticut line so he's back at Rob's in Dalton, MA, to regain his strength. He hopes to hit the trail again on Thursday. Rob has been a real trail angel.

Y'all stay well and safe. We'll rejoice with you at journey's end.

Mary Alice Seals