Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On the Trail again...

Spencer and Ben departed from Rangeley late Tuesday afternoon, August 14, and hiked several miles before reaching a shelter for the night. They are feeling considerably better especially since the doctor in Rangeley changed their medication. They are both being treated for Giardia Infection, even though the lab results remain outstanding. (The doctors will call the respective families with the report when determined since cell phone signals are few and far between at this point on the AT.)

When Spencer called home on Wednesday morning, August 15, they had already hiked 4 miles since sunrise. The skies are semi-cloudy with that typical summertime chance of T'storms later in the day; however, they still had a spectacular above-the- treeline view of Maine on the top of Saddleback Mountain. Their goal is to hike at least 20 more miles before sundown on Wednesday. As always, the determination and drive continues to be evident in Spencer's voice, as well as Ben's.

The revised plan is for Ben and Spencer to arrive at Baxter State Park in one week, unite with
their families, and do Mt. Katahdin!!! Needless to say my hiking boots, Nalgene bottle, Cliff Bars and BSA Troop 215 flag are packed and sitting by the door. This Momma (along with Ben's Momma, too) is so-o-o ready to see these guys and hike the summit! We can hardly wait!!!

Zoe (Spencer's Mom)


Jeff said...

You guys are doing an awesome job - sounds like a nasty last minute delay just to test your determination. Looking forward to seeing the photos of you on top of Mt Katahdin any day now. Great artice in the N&O ! I can Steve smiling down on ya.
Best Mr B Troop 215

Anonymous said...

Ben, Our family has seen your article in the N&O. What a wonderful memory you are creating, and a powerful statement about friendship. Good luck on the rest of the journey. Much Love, Auntie Mary in Raleigh

kathleen said...

Hey guys! We are pulling for you in Fargo! It is great to be able to read and see pictures of your journey. It is amazing what you have been able to accomplish. It is quite admirable! We have been thinking about you everyday and will continue to do so. Good luck with the remaining miles ahead. Love, Aunt Katy and Uncle John

Anonymous said...

I am a section hiker. On my hike from Deep Gap to Fontana Dam, 83 miles, I met Ben and Spencer at Sassafras Gap Shelter as they were walking 20 mile days. They will remember the KILT wearing man, Kiltdown Man, former Eagle Scout. They slept in the shelter and I slept in a hammock nearby. I knew they were good boys when I heard they were scouts, FSU students and hiking as thru-hikers. We spent the night with them at Sassafras. The tick infested dog that "they found" would be more correctly stated as: "the dog made friends with my hiking partner first and adopted later by Ben and Spencer. Actually, another hiker, Jim from Chicago, picked the dog up by the nap of the neck and carried him up the hill that evening from Sassafras since the dog would not follow him. The dog was quickly attached to my hiking partner, Tenderfoot, Ben and Spencer. We saw Jim again atop Cheoah Bald with the dog, making a cell phone call arrangements for someone to pick up the dog at the next road crossing. Ben/Spencer told me about the third hiker hurt with a sprain, but I did not know about Stephen. There are many good-hearted AT hikers and Ben/Spencer are examples. We are all from Raleigh. Best to you both, Ben/Spence. Gary Shelby, Kiltdown Man and former Scout.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben and Spencer,
I am so thrilled that you two are shaking Gihardia(spelling??????) You are in my constant thoughts and I await your phone call from Monson. Sorry I got Skippy Bars confused with Snickers Bars, but plese check out the nutritional information. I was shocked at the healthy stuff in Snickers.
Can't wait for Wednesday to arrive. I fly to Portland at 7:00 AM and we will walk to the top of Mt. Kathadin on Thursday. I have been walking and running up and down the Wonderwood and Girvin Bridges. I hope I am ready to keep up with you "Big Dogs".
Please let me know if you need anything.
Love you two,
Ben's Mama