Saturday, August 18, 2007

Approaching Monson, Maine and Doing Well

Whew! All is very well with Ben and Spencer. I finally received that long awaited phone call from Spencer (Saturday, August 18 at 1:15 P.M.) with an encouraging report. They are within 17 miles of Monson, Maine. Their plan is to stay in a lodge on Saturday night in Monson. They will be so grateful to get a hot shower to thaw out, eat a hot meal(s), do laundry, sleep in a warmer environment, and re-supply their packs with food for the remainder of the hike.

Even though it has rained every day this week and the temperature is unseasonably cold (hovering around 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but of course even colder after sundown), their spirits are not dampened...only their shoes, clothes, packs, etc.

The countdown has begun, folks...this time next Saturday (August 25 by mid-afternoon) Ben and Spencer will be in Raleighwood, North Cakalacky!! YIPPEEEE! It'll be a happy, happy day!

Safe and happy trails to those hikin' boys!!
Zoe (Spencer's Mom)

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Tim & Julie said...

We are getting the house ready for the celebration. Can't wait to get all your supporters together to celebrate. We are so proud of you guys!

Tim,Julie& Ashley