Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Their Journey begins

Watching the preparation, and spending time with these three young men has been an incredible experience. The detail with which they have approached this journey is mind boggling. The most touching elememt is the realization that this is all about their remembering Steve and fulfilling a pact they made with him. May we all keep the Harringtons close in our thoughts during this time and always.
The next needed supply package is waiting their arrival at Neel's Gap. There, they should be able to write a blog and have a little time to refuel before moving on.

1 comment:

Gary said...

Spencer, Ben, and Garrett,

Hope everything is going well. We are so very proud of the three of you. I'm picturing the three of you @ Neel's Gap with cold drinks hanging out in the dorm.
Looking foreward to your next update.
Beware of the trail to Low Gap!