Monday, May 14, 2007

New Blog Feature - Personal Trip Info

As we are getting down to crunch time in our trail preparations, I wanted to make everyone aware of a new feature on our blog. I have published spreadsheets that display my personal gear list containing my pack's items and another spreadsheet with our proposed trip itinerary as of today 05/14/07 as well. Both of these items can be found by clicking the links at the top right of the blog. This itinerary is obviously only hypothetical, yet it will give a rough estimate of where we will be staying each night while on trail. These spreadsheets will be automatically updated when we are able to make changes to them, therefore while they will remain a rough estimate throughout the trip's entirety we will attempt to update them as we go along and give everyone a better shot at meeting up with us should they choose to do so. We will head for Georgia this Sunday 05/20/07, and are extremely excited to get some mileage under our hip belts.

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tom said...

derek almost has a satellite transmitter set up so you can do some redlines while you're on the trail. we have got it down to 32 pounds-not much!!! good luck & look for God in all that you see. I salute you guys for your commitment to your friend and pray for health & safe trails for you. I look forward to your postings.we'll keep working on the transmitter!