Monday, May 14, 2007


Spencer at Sam's with his favorite item

It is Monday night the week before we leave and we are working as hard as we can to finish our planning before we hit the trail. Garrett is still up at Cornell and Spencer and I are here in Raleigh. With the three of us not able to sit down and plan together we are finding that this is yet another difficulty in this journey. Today Spencer and I went to BJs and Sams Club and priced all sorts of food items, vitamins, ziplocs, etc. in order to best shop. Tomorrow we are going to go back to each place and purchase the food for our mailers/re-supply points. Tonight, our task is to look at the itinerary that we worked out these last few days and figure out where we want to re-supply. There is so much to take into consideration here and the reality is that so much of this will change when we start hiking. But, it is important for us to at least have a plan at first. We are stoked and ready to get moving as Garrett said in the last post and are so excited to be doing this for the entire summer.

More later,


Barton said...

Thanks so much for your presentation to the scouts last night. My son was really inspired by it. Good luck on your trip!

Jeff said...

Thanx very much for spending some of your valuable time here with Troop 215. This was very informative and VERY inspirational for the scouts, many who are heading out this weekend for an AT hike, the 50 miler AT in June, and many off to Philmont. Enjoy the trip and keep us posted and hopefully you will cross paths with the 215 crew in June on the AT. Mr Boehlert

Karen said...

Ben/Spencer I had tears in my eyes as I read about your website for Steve. Best of luck on your adventure....I hope that you will inspire the rest of the boys in the troop to do something like this in their
future...Mrs Celentano

Ben & Melissa said...

Hey Guys,
We are so excited for your trip. We look forward to hearing about it along the way.
Ben, keep us updated on things you'd like us to pray for.
We are praying for safety, health, and great time together. We'll keep in touch.