Monday, May 21, 2007

Over and Out

We are about to leave for Springer Mountain, 8:00 Monday morning. Everyone is excited and ready to get started. Holiday Inn Express provided an adequate complimentary breakfast for everyone. The view out of our window is the ridge that we will be hiking later today. Our next post will most likely be Tuesday night, or Thursday night, but we are not certain. Thanks a million for everyone who has helped and will help in the future. We wouldn't be able to do this without you, you know who you are.


Jay Hutt said...

Hey guys -
Jay Hutt here.
We are old friends of the Dixons - we lived in Raleigh years ago, where my oldest son Ren went to pre-school with Garrett. We were also in Boy Scout Troop 7, and even went to Philmont in 2001.
I thinks what you are doing is a terrific way to spend a summer - oh, to be 30 years younger with no mortgage!
Anyway, if you need a night off the trail, we live in Lynchburg, VA, about 45 min from Glasgow, VA, and would be happy to come get you, provide showers, meals, laundry, beds, or any kind of re-supply errands or transportation. There is a good outdoor store here. I travel a lot, so a little planning ahead would be good, if you can.
Home ph 434-386-2224
Ofc 434-386-4199
Cell 434-229-5657
Good luck, and have a blast!

robyn said...

good luck boys! and have fun =)

Anonymous said...

Attn: Ben
Ben, its your love child. I'm a little upset that you decided to start this trip on my birthday... but i'm looking forward to following/stalking your journey!
Best of luck


PWH said...

Troop 215 Here
We checked out Thomas Knob shelter, this past weekend for you guys, it's still there. We spoke alot about how you'd be fly'n along on the trials we were walking. God speed

Fog said...

Hey Ben, et al,

Just checking in after the first day. 15 miles is a good start and I trust the gear is settling in. The weather looks like smooth sailing for the next few days. Big ass storms over the Great Plains coming your way, but not for a while. We're all proud of you guys and look forward to following your steps on this blog. Keep us posted and know we're with you. More later. Love ya, mean it.