Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Neel's Gap

Spencer reports that they made it up Blood Mtn. and arrived @ Neel's Gap just fine yesterday afternoon. They were hoping to be able to post a blog, so far I haven't seen anything. The only other interesting comment was they had mice crawling around their heads in a shelter on Monday night.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!! Blood Mtn, eh?! Are the rhododendrons blooming yet?! Or mountain laurels? Such an amazing place! Was outside enjoying the clear night and sending good thoughts your way that all's well and you're enjoying the same clear skies (...just a few more stars!) What a wonderful adventure!! Enjoy every moment!!
Fondly, SueDew

Jeff said...

didn't bring any of those titanium mouse traps huh? We will be sure to tell Mr Charville to leave you some traps in a shelter for ya

Mr B 215