Monday, June 4, 2007

Trail Update 6/4/07 (Spencer + Ben)

We have just now made it to Hot Springs, NC at about 1:30 this Afternoon. We were recently in Cosby, TN being resupplied by the Chappell family and Chris (my roommates). They rented out a cabin for the night and we got an excellent meal, a shower, and some time in the hot tub. It was hard to get back on the trail. Sunday morning we headed back to the trail at Davenport Gap and we stayed the night at Roaring Forks Shelter. Ben and I have had some trouble with our right quadriceps. Ever since day two in the Smoky Mountains, a sharp, painful cramp has developed every afternoon in the same spot for both of us. We thought maybe it was because we went 28.5 miles that day, but is has been a recurring pain ever since. Mileage in the afternoon has been excruciating, but we have pushed on as best we could. So we are getting jobs in Hot Springs for a while...just kidding. However, mileage will be dropped down below expected levels until we can figure something else out, as we are weary of taking another unplanned zero day. The Bluff Mountain Outfitters (in Hot Springs) was kind enough to let us use their computer to blog and check e-mail. We are planning to hit Erwin, TN on Thursday. More to come, hopefully some pictures soon. Thank you for everyone that has been commenting, posting, and reading the blog.


Beth said...

Hi, Just a short intro...Bill Hutchinson is/was my neighbor..anyway talks about yall alot and I'm pretty sure yall graduated with my son Mitchell McCormick. Heard your itinerary will put you at Erwin, Tn this week. Good friends (Danny and Leslie Honrath) live next door to Hostel ("Uncle Johnny's") in Erwin. Told them of yall's adventure and that you were from here as they were too. They will be looking for you. Asking what yall's trail name is? Good food and a place to stretch out if you want. Good luck on your adventure...I am envious.

Beth McCormick

Beth said...

Hi again, didn't realize you and my nephew were in the same troop. Sterling just left for europe and Sharon will be logging on to follow you soon. Looks like yall have another family pulling for you!

mtnles said...

Hi Just found your site i live next door to uncle johnnys in erwin when you come off the hill at the river- please come over danny and i both lived at the beach all our lives and know beth, sharon, sterling- you are welcome to use our hot tub tv on porch and computer.
be safe
Leslie Honrath

PWH said...

Spencer & Ben, The MD's in the family say: "they need to make sure they are staying hydrated, most importantly. plenty of water, and gatorade (or something with electrolytes) every now and then.
tell them to stretch in the am before they start, get as much sleep as possible (ha!) and make sure they are consuming enough calories, in addition to fluids (athletes, especially long-distance ones, tend to forget this; very important)!!"
Spencer you hiked with Kevin, now out of Med school, and the Troop Nov '05 on that Hot Springs section.
I feel for you guys hope it helps
Mr. H

Ben & Melissa said...

Hey Fellas,
We are praying that your health holds up and that you get plenty of food, water, and rest.

Anonymous said...

Ben and Spencer,
It was great talking with you yesterday. Attempting another comment. I will call Mr. Bill at 8:30 am. Call me later for more information about Danny and Leslie. How are the legs today?
Love you,