Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mile Marker 620

Just got off the phone with Spencer tonight, he and Bandana Ben arrived into Pearisburg, VA this afternoon late after completing two 30mile plus days in a row. He sounded good just very pooped. I can't even imagine. The past two days have been the hottest so far, and Troop 215 you have been a life saver with the beverages you left behind. By Friday they should be in Catawba,VA and onto Glasgow by Monday June 25th. Glasgow will mark 1/3 of the way to Maine. Tonight they were spending the night in a real bed in a small local motel. After showers and dinner @ Hardee's, a visit to Dairy Queen, and laundry underway it sounded like they were looking forward to a good nights rest.


Colleen said...

Thought it was about time I commented. I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and that I am so proud of you. Stay healthy and hydrated.

Jeff said...

Awesome job guys. Troop 215 is closely watching your great progress. Hmmmm Mr Charville, how about we go a little further next year, maybe a 100 miler !! We are inspired.

Mr. B.


we have you linked in on the home page now

Anonymous said...

Hey Warpzilla's Dad,
Thank you for your great blog entries. It is always great to hear from anyone who has interfaced with Bandana Ben and Warpzilla. I am so proud of the boys. I hope that Foot Lockers feet and legs will participate with him. Thank you for the updates.
Bandana Ben's Mom