Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back to the Trail

We are finishing up another delicious meal at Jerry's Trading Post in Troutdale, VA on this foggy morning. After just beating out the thunderstorm yesterday, it is likely that we will catch part of an afternoon storm today. We have decided that Garrett is going to get shuttled up the trail ahead of both Ben and I so that he can taper his mileage back up. Mr. Dixon is meeting us today for a resupply and will pick Garrett up at Partnership Shelter while Bandanna Ben and I continue. They will then meet us at US 11 where we will go in to Atkins, VA. The shuttle is waiting, so we must be going. That's all for now, stay posted for any updates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. You guys are moving out. Did you really walk 35 miles yesterday? Wow!
Trail Warriors, you are awesome.
Ms. Malinda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on 500 miles. Hope the trail above Burke's Garden has some views. Good going!

Mardene and Tom

Chuck Harrington said...

Hey guys,

I am Tim Harrington's cousin and live in the Philadelphia area. We really have an appreaciation for what you are doing.

My wife, daughter and I walked a marathon a couple of summers ago and were exhausted the day after our 26 mile adventure.

We would like to meet up with you somewhere in Pennsylvania (Eckville, Danielsville or the Delaware Water Gap. We have plans for the weekend of July 7th so we will be unavailable at that time.

We would like to take you out to dinner if that works into your plans. I will try to coordinate through Tim and Julie.

Good luck!

Chuck and Marybeth Harrington