Monday, June 15, 2009

Mojave, CA

Taking a day off in Mojave (mow-ha-vee), CA with Tom and Kobie. After leaving the Saufley's, hiker heaven, the unseasonably cool weather continued over the next few days. This area of trail is suppose to be one of the hottest, waterless stretches of the trail, but was not so for us. We headed to the Anderson's, another trail angel family that hosts hikers and places water caches along a section of trail. Their I piled high with every addition possible. I even got to play disc golf with Joe Anderson which was truly a treat, I typically play multiple times a week at school with Quint, Murph, Joyner, Collin and others. My game wasn't quite up to par, but certainly was nice to play after a 24 mile day. We headed from there it was another 26 miles to the road to town. Cleaned up and showered once again, I am refueled and have had enough town for a while. This last portion of trail consisted of heavy winds, (hence the wind farms) beautiful Joshua Trees, some previously fire-burned trail, a decent amount of switch backs. I am now adding pictures of the last section and look forward to your comments. I hope everything is well in the real world. Thanks to everyone keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

All for now,


Beryl said...

When'll you be out of the desert, Spencer?

acmurph1 said...

good to hear you got to play a little disc, I shot a 5 birdie One over par yesterday... shoulda been under but i choked a bit, tomahawk was beastly tho. good to see youre doin well out there, we're all thinkin about ya and anxious to hear more. "the steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better the view from the finish line" - keep it up warp