Sunday, June 7, 2009

Agua Dulce, CA

Since I left Big Bear City, CA, the weather has been absolutely crazy. The day before getting into Wrightwood, CA I hit a McDonalds as I crossed under Interstate 15. I got there just before breakfast and waited for the lunch menu to switch over and I took full advantage of that. From McDonald's it was a 22 mile 6,000' climb into the San Gabriel Mountains. I camped trailside that night with just 11 miles to the Acorn Trail which would take me into town. I woke up at 3 AM with rain hitting me in the face and a clap of thunder, then a flash of lightening. With all of my gear spread out around me I frantically gathered it all up and got my rain cover on my pack. I then realized it was no longer raining so slid my pad and bag under some low brush and went back to sleep. an hour later Kobie and Tom came walking by; they had packed everything up and started hiking already. I knew now they would beat me into town. I started hiking at my usual 6:00 AM. An hour after hiking and getting closer and closer to the dark clouds ahead, it finally started hailing. The special thing about this hail was that with wind gusts of 40-50mph, it was sideways hail. It became so violent along with the thunder and lightening that I set up my tent as fast as I could and waited the storm out. I finally got started again and hiked through the eary silence of dark clouds above all the way to the side trail, then I began to feel more precipitation and thought "oh no its raining now", but not to worry it was just snow flurries. I finally got to the acorn trail, down it, and in to Wrightwood, CA alast at 3:00PM. It was an adventure indeed. I resupplied in Wrightwood, which was a nice town and shared a room with Tom and Kobie there. We headed out of town the next morning and climbed up and over Mt. Baden-Powell (Robert Baden-Powell is the founding father of the Boy Scouts of America), then finally began to descend. The next two days were spent hiking amongst clouds that constantly misted on you and I saw the sun for a total of 3-4 hours until this afternoon when I was hiking into Agua Dulce. Mr. Burchardi, Bandanna Ben's Dad, was waiting for me the second I got into town and I am spending the night at his house in Simi Valley, CA which is a quick 40 minute drive from Agua Dulce and the trail. I am uploading some pictures right now and should have them up within the next half hour.

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Jim said...

Really enjoyed the pics! Glad to know you are safe and will get to enjoy a good nights sleep in a bed tonight!

PWH said...

Great to hear you've had all your adventures on the trail this week. On the eve of our 5-day AT trek, you're achievements and advenutres have us ispired & anxious to begin. Pic's are great. All our hopes and prayers from the east coast.
Mr. H