Sunday, June 21, 2009

Entering the Sierras

Talked to Spence on the phone via a calling card tonight. His cell phone is getting no signal in the particular town (Inyokern, CA) so a blog from the iPhone isn't happening.

He sounds great and has been doing well on his hike as he has finished the desert. That's right, finished the DESERT!

Warpzilla has hiked 702.8 miles thus far and is looking to hit Mt. Whitney in 3 days.

All for now,
Bandanna Ben


Jim said...

Also got one of those calling card calls tonight. Was sure glad to get the call on Father's Day! I am so proud of you son! You and your brother make being a Dad look so easy! Can't wait to hear the stories of summitting Mt. Whitney!

Beryl said...

You are AMAZING, Spencer! I would've quit (or died) on Day 1. You're gonna love Mt Whitney!

Spencer's Mom said...

Today is Saturday (6-27-09) and hopefully today will be THE DAY the hiking Warpzilla checks in again. This is the longest stretch that Spencer has gone without calling "headquarters" since he's been on the PCT. I suppose there aren't too many cell phone towers/signals at the elevation he is at now. When I last spoke with him (on 6-23-09) I could hear the excitement in his voice as he told me how ready he was for the Sierras and so-o-o glad to be out of the brutal desert. He had successfully received his bounce box (at Kennedy Meadows) and had packed his warmer clothes and bear canteen. I asked him was it BIG enough for him to get inside if needed since he is entering "Bear Country"...just another little concern for those of us back home!! He had also received a package from Bandana Ben and Moonshine (BB's wonderful Mom) with a brand new pair of shoes for the upcoming stretch. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, you two...what a fantastic graduation gift to Spencer you promised and delivered. Spencer appreciates your thoughtfulness and was ready for 'em!! There have been so many trail angels both near and far...Bandana Ben's Dad who resides in CA with all his hospitality and generosity - both times!!, the Haley Family swooping in to Spencer's rescue in finding a friend of a friend to help get Spencer into town for medcal attention (back weeks ago)...there are so many that continue to help make this whole dream come true for Spencer. Thanks to everyone for the continued phone calls, e-mails, comments posted to the blog, and to co-workers who frequently stop by my cubicle and have a look at the PCT map I have posted to learn the progress that Warpzilla continues to make. EVERYONE'S support be it prayerful, emotional, psychological, or financial is so appreciated by Spencer and his family. Stay tuned for another update which I hope I can write real soon...