Thursday, November 1, 2007

Live from UF

So I don't know if anyone still checks this on a regular basis, but i'll admit that I do. I suppose it is a bit odd that I do because I should be the one posting on it.

Well the transition back to school went less than smoothly for me but by now I have stabilized and am pretty well adjusted. Upon re-entering Florida on Sunday August 25th, my body went into anaphylactic shock and my brother ended up taking me to the E.R. After some IV's and minor tests I was released and ended up making it to school on Wednesday, missing my first 4 days of school. No further symptoms occurred and all following blood work came back normal so the matter remains unanswered. But I am doing well now and have no reason to believe I will go into it again.

After playing catch up for a while with classes, homework, social events, etc. I have adjusted to a regular schedule (that is far different than one in the woods along the AT i might add!). I am working for a mechanical contractor down here and have been able to put in long weeks while still being a full-time student. Last week, i worked 30 hrs including a 5:00 AM concrete pour on one of the buildings I am helping with.

But the woods are calling my name. I am really missing the freedom and challenge that go hand in hand with long distance backpacking. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) has been on the radar since the beginning of August (when Spence and I were in southern Maine about to finish) and I am thinking it will be sooner than later. Stay tuned for details on that.

Again, thanks all for the continued support. It means so much to us.

-Bandanna Ben


PWH said...

There are more checking the blog than you may realize Ben.
Many have shared with excitment each posting this summer, but most are not comfortable or understand the blogging process.
I wondered what your first weeks back at school would be like after a summer on the trail. Speed Hiking day after day certainly does focus your mind and energies. And then in a few hours to return to the familiar environment of school would send most to the ER!
The PCT will be a great challenge and goal to draw you through the school year. I'm not sure we'll be able to re-supply there like we did here though.
Look forward to hearing about your plans.
Mr. H

Anonymous said...

Mazur and I were talking about you the other day, when we did the Max Patch section. Figured that you probably did the whole 33 miles in a day.
Sorry to hear about your E.R. problems. This confirms my theory that school/office life is bad for your health.
The PCT sounds like a great adventure. Though greater distances between towns, plus more critters. Go for it.