Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Weekend in GA

Not sure who still follows this blog but wanted to report that Mrs. B and I went backpacking on the AT in Georgia this past weekend and had a great time. It was Caryn's first backpacking trip. We covered 39.3 miles in 4 days! Not Warpzilla pace but still a good weekend for us out of shape people. We stopped at Neel's Gap and are excited to pick up from there and finish GA in the future. Happy trails!


sdew2301 said...

Ben, I still check in every so often! Great picture! I hear about you from the old scout gang and sounds like you have a great life!! Hooray from you! Take care! xoxo Sue Dew (well, actually, i have a great life now, too, and it's Sue Baird!!)

Jim McKay said...

Ben, so happy to he you were back on the trail! Hope all is well!
Big Daddy!