Monday, July 6, 2009

A Trip 4 Steve

Ascending Mt. Whitney was one of Stephen's dreams. Although he wasn't able to physically summit the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, his presence was definitely felt throughout the day and the trip in general. I spread a decent amount of his ashes that I have been carrying on top and the rest will be traveling with me to Canada. Kobie was kind enough to film the ceremony from two cameras, here is one of those clips. We all certainly miss his smile, laugh and great sense of adventure.



Spencer's Mom said...

Spencer, your journey to the top of Mt. Whitney was bittersweet, no doubt. I know how much you, Bandana Ben, and so many BSA Troop 215 scouts, scout leaders, and parents of scouts miss Stephen. He was everybody's buddy. Stephen will live on in our hearts and memories FOREVER!! Stephen's parents, Julie and Tim and sister, Ashley, have been most supportive of your endeavors as well as Bandana Ben's. What wonderful people they are! They are proud of you and so am I. Keep on walking...
Love, Mom

Jim said...

Spencer, Watching you accomplishment this incredible journey is inspiring to so many. Seeing how you can handle the toughest of challenges,from physical to emotional causes me to step back and realize just what a good man you've become! Stephen's memory will live on as will the journey of your healthy greiving that you have so opening shared with the world.
Happy Birthday Son!
Love, Dad

Tim Harrington said...

Spencer, I can't tell you enough how proud we are of you. Stephen often talked about climbing Mt. Whitney, especially when Uncle Steve was around. I'll always remember the great enthusiasm and spirited conversation that took place those evenings in our kitchen. We miss Stephen every day and wish he was here to fullfill his dreams. Thank you for including him in this adventure and keeping his memory alive!!


Beryl said...

Very powerful, Spencer. You'll remember that day forever. I hope Stephen's presence is a comfort.
Auntie B